Independent Wealth Management

Navigating through changing markets.

Financial Planning

North Scottsdale Wealth Advisors helps our clients transform their wealth into security and fulfillment, by creating customized, detailed financial plans for each individual or family we serve.

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Investment Management

Successful investing is a key to turning your most important financial goals to reality. At North Scottsdale Wealth Advisors, we believe investing is too important to outsource to distant, one-size-fits-all mutual-fund and money-manager firms. That’s why we proudly craft actively managed, customized client portfolios.

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Our Process


Before we give a single piece of advice, we use an in-depth discovery procedure to learn our clients’ financial situations, goals, values and concerns.


We analyze all the information we’ve learned in the discovery process and create a comprehensive financial plan. We will implement certain elements of the plan, while an attorney, accountant, insurance specialist or other professionals may implement other elements.


NSWA designs and implements a portfolio strategy that is directly aligned with the client’s financial plan. Over time, we manage and monitor the portfolio, communicating with the client on a regular basis.


We track our progress towards the client’s stated objectives, keeping the client abreast of developments and making any adjustments to the plan as warranted.


  • What is a fee-only fiduciary advisor?

    As a fiduciary advisor, we are legally bound to put clients’ interest ahead of our own. That’s very different from most advisors, who operate under much looser regulatory standards that allow serious conflicts of interest.

    Our compensation model helps to ensure that we live up to our conflict-free standard. We don’t earn sales commissions when our clients buy investments; rather we earn a fixed, pre-agreed fee. As a result, we don’t face temptation to recommend an investment based on what we stand to gain by doing so. And our fee approach also frees us to focus on clients’ wide range of financial needs, not just their investments.

  • Where is clients’ money kept?

    We keep client assets with an independent, third-party custodian in order to assured their safety. NSWA personnel have no direct assets to client money. Our primary custodian is Charles Schwab & Co., one of the largest and most respected firms in the financial industry.

  • Who are our clients?

    We serve affluent individuals and families, business owners and non-profit organizations.

  • What is your investment approach?

    We design customized portfolios based on each client’s unique goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. One of our differentiators is that we manage investments personally, in-house, rather than turning client assets over to a distant, unaccountable third-party manager. Client portfolios are handled personally by NSWA President, CEO and Senior Portfolio Manager David Kahn, who has more than two decades of experience investing at major Wall Street firms. Our equity strategies rely heavily on dividend-paying stocks. And we use an active approach to mitigating risk and seizing opportunity, using hand-picked stocks, bonds and other investments.

  • How can I learn more?

    Please contact us directly with further questions. Note that we offer complementary review of your investment portfolio and financial plan.

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